About Us

SatinfunTaboo is a site created for those who seek for the best of both worlds porn and satin. We want to give our viewers an experience like no other when it comes to mixing Amateur, erotic fantasy sex and first of all Satin fetish, to show that it can be something beautiful and sexual. We have experience with other sites and have shared our passion with other fetish lovers but we wanted to have a more specific focus on satin and taboo to expand into creating a gorgeous site with amazing videos. We own, operate and star in the site ourselves with other actors and it is our life´s work to create sensual and beautiful videos related with the satin fetish you love so much. The site updates every month with new content focusing on our loving relationship and our passionate exploration of the satin fantasy. The majority of our videos do not contain any dialogue just maybe a few subtitles to complement the scene and they have wonderful, stylistically appropriate music to set the mood. There's an emphasis on teasing, 4play and a variety of outfits and themes, like satin nighties, satin dresses, casual and formal, satin lingerie, high heels, boots, gloves, skirts, blouses, kimonos, cheongsam dresses, and all sorts of satin outfits for you to enjoy.